1. Check-in

●Upon arrival, choose a capsule (room) type and a price plan.
●If you already have a reservation, please give your booking name at the reception. ◆You will be provided with a wristband key and a robe. The number written on the wristband will be your changing room locker number as well as the capsule room number.

2. Changing Room

At the changing room, go to your locker - the number shown on your wristband, get changed into a robe and leave your clothes and belongings in the locker.
*Please make sure the locker is locked and wear the wristband at all times.

3. Capsule Room

Your capsule room number is shown on your wristband. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the stay in the capsule room.
*Please keep quite on the capsule floor.
*Smoking, drinking, eating is prohibited inside the capsule

4. Food/Drinks

Take the lift to the 2nd floor.
*You may wear the robe to go to the restaurant area.

When ordering your food/drinks, the staff will ask for your wristband (capsule room key) number and everything you order will be charged for you to pay when you check-out with your accommodation fee.

5 . Check-out

Hand in the wristband and the robe at the reception and please make the payment at check-out.