★ From what time can I check in?
You can check in from 12pm onwards.
★ What time do I need to check out?
You can check out anytime before 10am. If you stay beyond 10am, you will be charged 150yen per every 30 minutes.
★ Can I extend the check-out time?
You may extend your stay upto 12pm. Extended time after 10am will be charged 150yen per every 30 minutes.
★ Can you keep my luggage before I check in?
Yes. We will keep your luggage at the reception. Please keep the valuables (wallet, passport etc.) with you on your own responsibility.
★ Can I send my luggage to the hotel prior to my arrival?
Yes. Please contact us before it is delivered.
★ Can I send a post/parcel from the hotel?
Yes. Please contact our reception staff.
★ Can I leave my luggage after I check-out?
No. We are not able to keep your luggage after you have checked out but if you stay consecutive days, you may leave your luggage with us.
★ When should the payment be made?
You are asked to pay for your accommodation on your arrival. Any optional service you use during your stay will be charged and should be paid when you check-out.
★ Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. We accept the the following credit cards; VISA, Master Card, American Express, JCB
★ What happenes if I arrive later than the expected arrival time?
You may check-in throughout the night. If you are expected to arrive late, please let us know.
★ Can I go out after I check-in?
Yes, you are free to go out after you have checked in.
★ Where can I keep my valuables during the stay?
We will keep your valuables at the reception.
★ What is the cancellation policy?////////////
Domestic reservations: We do not charge you as long as you let us know.
International reservations:


★ Is there a fridge in the room?
No, none of the rooms accommodate a fridge.
★ Can I use the internet in the room?
Except for certain areas in the building, you may use the internet.
★ Can I make international calls?
You may use the pay phone within the building to make international calls.
★ Is there a hair dryer in the room?
No, there are hair dryers in the dressing rooms. There are no hair dryers in the capsule rooms.
★ Is there a humidifier or a desk lamp?
No, there aren't any humidifiers or desk lamps in our facility.
★ Is there a pyjamas?
We offer robes and yukatas.
★ What kind of amenities do you have?
With any of our packages we offer ; toothbrush, towel, razor, comb, moisturizer, hand soap, hair tonic, shampoo, conditioner, body soap.
★ Can I adjust the room temperture?
★ Can I watch foreign tv programs?
No. We only have Japanese tv channels.
★ Can I watch films?
You may watch some films on cable tv channels.

Facility and service

★ Is there a vending machine?
We have few kinds of vending machines for soft drinks, beer, snack and light meal.
★ Do you have computers for the customers?
★ Do you have dry cleaning service?
Yes. Pelase ask at the reception.
★ Do you have coin operated washing machines?
Yes. We have washing machines and dryers.
★ Do you do currency exchange.
★ Is there a copy/fax machine?
Yes. Depending on the amount of photocopies, we may charge.
★ Can I get a body massage treatment?
Yes. We have a spa next to the capsule hotel where you can have different types of body treatments.
★ Is there a car park?
No. Please use coin parkings nearby.


★ Where is the nearest station?
JR line : Osaka station
Underground : Umeda station / Higashi Umeda Station
★ Do you have a kiosk in the hotel?
★ Is there any ATM machines nearby?
Yes. Please ask at the reception.