The capsule hotel - the whole new style of accommodation - was created in 1979 with the idea of making the sleeping space as minimal as possible and providing the customers the comfort of staying at capsule hotels by keeping the level of service as high as the luxurious hotels.

The first capsule hotel in the world  "Capsule Inn Osaka" opened here, in Osaka, Japan in 1979.
The architect Kisho Kurokawa designed the "sleeping capsule", more spacious than you can imagine which gives you comfortable and relaxing environment to sleep.
Each capsule room has tv, radio, light and sprinkler system.
We offer two types of capsule rooms, the world's first ever original capsule "standard capsule" and "wide capsule" which is slightly bigger in size with very comfortable tempur pillow.
We also offer single / twin / triple rooms for customers who need more privacy.

☆Great location

Set in the heart of Osaka's business and shopping district and just one hour from Kansai airport.
The Capsule Inn Osaka is conveniently located for both business and leisure travelers, only 5 minutes walk form Umeda station with easy access to Kyoto and Kobe.


☆Left Luggage facility

We will keep your suitcases or bags at the reception. After you have checked-in, you may go outside to explore without having worried about your luggage.

☆Free Wi-Fi

On each floo,there is a space where you have free access to Wi-Fi



The guests are offered with towels, robe, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, razor, comb, cotton buds, hair styling gel/wax.


☆Comfortable pillows (at additional price)

We offer different types of pillows from soft tempur to hard type pillow with cypress aero-capsule.


☆Free access to the spa and sauna
(accommodationonly packages are excluded)

You may walk around in your robe and relax in our spa.


☆Wide ranges of relaxing body treatments

We offer oil massage, Japanese style massage, Thai traditional massage and body exfoliation.